Why I Stopped Writing

In case you haven't noticed, I haven't written any posts here in a long time. Nor have I been working on my books consistently. WHY? Well, it's a combination of a few of things. I felt burnt out, I'd been suffering from a terrible comparison phase, and have been stressed due to pressure from those around… Continue reading Why I Stopped Writing

A Conversation with #Author Brandon Ax — Ep. 26, The Writers’ Podcast

  In this episode, The Writers' Podcast interviews Urban Fantasy author Brandon Ax. We discuss his work, his writing methods, why he doesn't believe in writer's block, his future plans, and a whole lot more. No, seriously, a whole lot more! 😉   Thank you, Brandon, for chatting with us! And congratulations again on winning… Continue reading A Conversation with #Author Brandon Ax — Ep. 26, The Writers’ Podcast

Writer’s Imposter Syndrome – The Writers Podcast, Ep. 04

What is the difference between issues of self-confidence and Imposter Syndrome? In episode four, we discuss these distinctions and provide remedies to become a more confident writer.

Using Body Language in Your Novel, Part Two—Eyes, Pupils, & Eyebrows

Using body language in creative writing is an effective way to develop and improve your story's characters.

#MotivationalFriday – #Quotes to Live and #Write By

How to Know if Writing Advice Is Any Good – The Writers’ Podcast, Ep 00

Welcome to our new podcast series: The Writers' Podcast If there is one thing we love more at Writers After Dark than writing about writing. . . it's talking about writing. In each episode of The Writers' Podcast, we're discussing and analyzing the writer's world - from industry news to writing advice, to understanding the pros and… Continue reading How to Know if Writing Advice Is Any Good – The Writers’ Podcast, Ep 00

#MotivationalFriday – #Quotes to Live and #Write By

#MotivationalFriday – #Quotes to Live and #Write By

Why Authors Don’t Really Want Reviews

If you’ve reached the point in your writing where you’ve pressed <Publish>, my guess is that you believe that you have just released one of the best books “ever.” Regardless of the genre, yours stands above the masses because it is well-written, smart, insightful, and a host of other accolades that should - if there… Continue reading Why Authors Don’t Really Want Reviews