10 Things Authors Would Like to Say to Their Worst Critics

The Lighter Side of Writing

Hey, remember earlier this week, when we discussed book reviews? Well, on this episode of The Lighter Side of Writing, SK and I cover the ten things that authors would love to say (but don't) to our worst book critics. So go ahead and grab four minutes of writer's therapy below. https://youtu.be/kISVYsBAUqI

Why Authors Don’t Really Want Reviews

If you’ve reached the point in your writing where you’ve pressed <Publish>, my guess is that you believe that you have just released one of the best books “ever.” Regardless of the genre, yours stands above the masses because it is well-written, smart, insightful, and a host of other accolades that should - if there… Continue reading Why Authors Don’t Really Want Reviews

Top Lessons Learned in 2016

As writers, we’re always told to show and not tell . . . So in the spirit of keeping it light and taking our own advice of laughing more, we’re sharing a few of our top lessons learned this year in a five-minute video. If that’s not showing, I don’t know what is! 😉 https://youtu.be/Nb84PngnMGc&hellip; Continue reading Top Lessons Learned in 2016

8 Ways to Know If You’re Ready to Publish (Part Two)

Although self-publishing has eliminated the “gatekeepers,” for the Indie Author, the question often remains, “Am I ready to publish?” The decision may ultimately come down to the personal objectivity of the story’s merit and confidence in one’s abilities, but there are eight guidelines an author can follow to ensure at least a modest level of… Continue reading 8 Ways to Know If You’re Ready to Publish (Part Two)

Do Book Reviewers Really Need an Integrity Stamp?

  Do Book Reviewers Really Need an Integrity Stamp? By Raymond Esposito I am an author, and I love book reviews. I am very appreciative when a reader takes the time to write one. I am extra grateful when a potential reader is willing to be solicited for a review. So thankful, in fact, that… Continue reading Do Book Reviewers Really Need an Integrity Stamp?

An Author’s Guide to Rating Reviewers

Come on. You know it's true...we're just saying it for you.